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Give your building a fresh new look with our commercial painting services.

EcoSeal Coatings specializes in all internal and external commercial painting applications. We work around your business trading hours to assure the works are completed in a comfortable manner and agreed time frame. No matter your requirements, we have the experience and resources to deliver. Our painting teams have more than 20 years of industry-standard experience and understand how to work around your staff to minimise disruption.

Good quality paints and workmanship may not come at a cheap price but you can be assured that it will always last longer. At EcoSeal Coatings, we know this and so do not compromise on quality just so we can be priced competitively.

Painting the interior of an office is no different from painting an interior of a home. It has to be done by a professional who is skilled, has good knowledge of the types of paints and techniques applied.

Commercial Painting

For good quality finishes the painting of the exterior of a building or the interior of an office has to be done by a professional who is skilled, has good knowledge of the types of paints and painting techniques used.

Commercial Roof Coating

We offer a professional roof painting, repair and restoration service for both old and modern style business premises. We paint all types of roofs including metal roofs, Industrial buildings, concrete roofs and roof tiles.

Business and Commercial Painting Services

Whether your commercial painting needs are for corporate offices, apartment complexes, hotels, motels, retail spaces, restaurants, car showrooms, commercial malls and stores, new construction or simply need maintenance and upkeep, EcoSeal Coatings can provide expert solutions tailored for any commercial client and business painting.

We provide painting services to the following commercial establishments:

Warehouse Painting

Hotels and Hospitality

Retail and Shopping Centre’s

School and Education Facilities

Indoor Stairwell, Parking Garages & Lots

Apartment Painting

Complex and Estate

Gym and Fitness Centre’s

Hospital and Medical Facilities

Commercial Painting Body Corporate

Why EcoSeal Coatings

At EcoSeal Coatings, we offer a wide range of waterproofing, painting and coating services for both residential and commercial buildings. The services that EcoSeal Coatings provide are always well-run, clean, neat and beautiful. What really sets us apart is our commitment to our customers, employees and very high expectations in the quality of our work.

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Warranty On All Work

On-site & Remote Estimates

Solid Reputation

Professional Commercial Painting Services

We utilize a wide array of high-quality industrial-grade paints and materials, each carefully matched to the application and intended lifespan for maximum cost-effectiveness. Our main objective is to provide you with the best value possible, by providing a range of coating system alternatives and the information you need to make an informed decision.

Why Use A Professional Partner To Revitalise Your Business?

What You Can Expect?

At EcoSeal Coatings, our finishes and speciality techniques will bring a unique look to any surface for a building.

When using the professional painting services from us you can expect the following:

  • Premium Quality Products
  • Skilled and Trained Workers
  • Realistic Deadlines that we always honour.
  • We can work with all kinds of Materials and Designs
  • Every Project has a Project Manager
  • Free Consultation and Quote

Methods & Equipment

Proper surface preparation is critical to the success and longevity of painting projects.

Surfaces must be first analyzed and then processed using the most appropriate methods including power washing, sandblasting abrasion, and chemical treatments.

In all cases, surrounding surfaces are protected and masked off as needed, leaving jobs sites clean and organised.

Commercial Painting Services include

  • Commercial Spray Painting
  • Corrosion Protection & Coating
  • Specialised Roof Coating
  • Warehouse Painting
  • High-Pressure Cleaning
  • Road marking
  • Supply of commercial paints & coatings

Our Recent Commercial Panting Projects

EcoSeal's Commercial Painting Division

EcoSeal Commercial Painting Division can meet the requirement of any commercial painting project no matter what the magnitude.

We use aluminium scaffolding with nonmarking rollers that are quick, easy to erect and dismantle to match the big demands of commercial projects.

We maintain a high level of service by providing safe, highly responsive and well-managed painting and scaffolding service.

Our scaffolders will erect a steady scaffolding, so our painters can move around and get on with the job.

All equipment, spraying machines and scaffolding are owned by our commercial painting division and we can be ready for any job with short notice.

aluminium scAluminium Scaffoldingaffolding

Plascon 360 Preferred Applicator

We are very proud of our commercial painting division, CJK Paint Contractors for being appointed as a Plascon Preferred Applicator enabling us to offer our clients a 360° partnership pledge.

The Plascon 360 partnership pledge is a tailored service solution offering hue coating specifications application monitoring and maintenance service coordination for your property portfolio.

You get industry experts that partner with you at every stage of the project to ensure you get peace of mind and the best return on your investment all at no additional cost to you.

From start to finish every detail went exactly as explained. I've worked with a lot of commercial painters and the guys from EcoSeal Commercial Painting Division were one of the best and methodical as any I've dealt with. I can't recommend them enough!

- Jarrod M., Sunninghill, GP

Professional Commercial Painting Types

Commercial painting at Retail and Shopping centres

EcoSeal Coatings is a commercial paint supplier and have professional painters that service the entire South Africa, painting shopping centres. We can provide all the services needed to keep your property looking its best. We work around your schedule to ensure that no customers or tenants are ever disrupted. From foot and vehicle traffic to the movement of products, your walls take a beating. EcoSeal Coatings uses durable products in high traffic areas that withstand frequent cleaning, scuffing, and the everyday wear and tear that comes with operating a retail enterprise.

Commercial Painting of Indoor stairwells, parking garages & lots

EcoSeal Coatings has expert commercial contractor for all your parking area painting, coating, and flooring needs. Our experience in the painting of underground parking garages, including walls & ceilings, parking lines, pipes & hardware, floor sealers/toppings. We not only provide a great-looking finished product, but also uses high-quality coatings to prevent and repair things like corrosion, cracks, and other weather-related damages.

Hospitality and Hotel Painting Services

As professional commercial painters, we are capable of working in most Hotels and Hospitality commercial situations, including high-rise exteriors and difficult access interiors. Our crews use aerial lift platforms, swing stages, ladders, scaffolding, hoists, and high-rigging equipment as needed to complete jobs safely and properly. We also offer interior and exterior maintenance programs to keep your building looking fresh and new.

Painting Services for School and Education Facilities

EcoSeal Coatings offers expert commercial painting services and work with school admin or education facility managers, to meet all standards for health, safety, durability and government compliance. The paints and coatings we use are tough and can withstand the demands of classrooms, dining halls, school halls, and sports facilities. Even after the painting is done, you can count on our teams for ongoing painting maintenance, repairs, and other facility support.

Hospital and Medical Facilities Painting

At EcoSeal Coatings, our professional contractors provide a full range of interior and exterior painting, coating, and flooring services for all types of medical facilities including hospitals, dentists’ offices and doctors’ offices. We can help to revitalize the look and feel of a medical facility with minimal disruption to patients and staff. Through the entire project, our team will protect the building's adjacent surfaces, fixtures, and landscaping.

Painting services for Gym and Fitness Centre’s

We begin our interior jobs by taking the time to protect your building, equipment, inventory, and furniture. We fill and seal cracks, scrape and sand peeling paint, and repair damaged drywall and other surfaces. We apply effective and appropriate primers on bare or sanded surfaces and finish with high-quality, durable paint, applied in multiple coats as necessary, followed by a thorough clean-up.

Complex and Estate Painting Services

The South African climate can be harsh on any building. Gauteng’s long hot & wet summers can wear away not only coatings but the surfaces themselves. At EcoSeal Coatings before we even begin to apply the paint, we always thoroughly prepare all surfaces; cracks and gaps, sanding flaking paint and rust and patching holes, where needed. We apply primers on bare or sanded surfaces, and we'll follow that with multiple coats of durable paint formulated to withstand South Africa’s weather.

Sectional title body corporate complex painting

EcoSeal Coatings painting contractors will help sectional title body corporates and complex owners plan their painting requirements, with easy and tailored painting solutions. With our professional teams, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality results and ongoing project management support throughout your painting project. As professional body corporate painters we undertake projects on complexes and developments of all sizes and types, for both new build schemes and the renovation of established complexes.

Commercial Spray Painting

EcoSeal Coatings specialises in high-volume spray painting of high-performance coatings. Spray painting offers the ultimate in speed, efficiency, and coverage quality, especially in 3D surface and difficult access situations. Conventional brush & roller techniques are utilized when they are preferable and/or more efficient.

Our friendly team of professional spray painters have accrued the expertise and skills that come with years of experience, so we set out to ensure that all Spray-Painting work is completed with optimised results the first time, every time.

We take great pride in being a premier name in Spray Painting, so when you hire EcoSeal Coatings you can rest assured that you are dealing with a company that are proud to deliver you service and workmanship of the highest standard. EcoSeal Coatings are your solution to professional Spray Painting completed effectively and efficiently.

Corrosion Protection & Coating

We protect and minimise corrosion on metals through the application of anti-corrosion coating. While these coatings are valued for their corrosion control, customers also require an aesthetically appealing finish. We always recommend to our clients to pain the rust converted sections with high-quality roof paint, to seal and prolong the life span of a roof. Painting your factory pays off in morale, inspection and performance at the workplace.

High-Pressure Cleaning / Preparation

High-pressure washing is a great way to maintain your home, office or to prepare roof and wall surfaces for repairs and painting.  Washing your buildings even if you are not painting, should be done at least once a year. We use the pressure washer to blast away built-up mould, mildew, dirt and grime, open up cracks and remove loose cement. When washing is done, we clean up any loose paint chips and the house is given proper time to dry.

Maintenance Programs

At EcoSeal Coatings, our painters keep your building protected and always looking fresh with maintenance programs customised and developed to your specific needs and budget. We can set up a regular maintenance schedule to make sure chipped and otherwise damaged surfaces stay in superior shape, preventing you from the cost outlay and inconvenience of sizeable painting and repair projects while keeping your building protected year-round and maximising its ongoing resale value.

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Painting and Waterproofing Services by EcoSeal Coatings

EcoSeal Coatings in Pretoria can assist you with all of the internal and external painting and waterproofing for your project with experienced applicators using high-quality products. Our professional team continuously improve our technology and education in the latest waterproofing and painting systems, and without compromising quality or performance means you are dealing with the trade-leading repairers in Pretoria for your waterproofing and painting needs.


EcoSeal roof painters specialise in the restoration of metal, tile and sheeted roofs. Our roof restoration service is NOT just a ‘quick fix’ paint job to make your roof look pretty. It is professional restoration work to restore a roof to its original condition.
Explore our roof coating services


EcoSeal Coatings specializes in all internal and external commercial painting applications. We work around your business trading hours to assure the works are completed in a comfortable manner and agreed time frame.
Explore our commercial painting services


Our property restoration service, performed by our team of professional house painters includes the painting of roofs (Tile, IBR, Corrogate, Concrete), gutters, fascias, bullnoses, walls, brickwork, plaster, window frames, doors, parking areas etc
Explore our house painting services


We offer our clients a first in South Africa with waterproofing direct to torch-on bitumen. Our polymer based waterproofing system will go straight over bituminous waterproofing systems such as torch on and rubberized Bitumen.
Explore the waterproofing system


The seamless eco-friendly concrete roof slab waterproofing system can be installed on new and existing roof slabs. The waterproofing system is a high-performance universal waterproofing system developed for long term protection.
Explore the waterproofing system


The Armtec UnderTile waterproofing system was designed to be used on balconies that needs to be tiled over or covered with artificial turf. The waterproofing system provides a seamless seal and exceptional adhesion for tiling.
Explore the waterproofing system


Maintain and renew your concrete tile roof with EcoSeal's roof tile waterproofing system. The roof tile waterproofing system was designed to fix and seal problem areas like roof ridge, valley, flashing & parapet walls.
Explore the waterproofing system


At EcoSeal Coatings we offer corrosion protection and coatings on metal roofs and sheeting. The waterproofing system converts the rust, isolating the base metal from the surrounding environment, waterproof it and prevents corrosion.
Explore the waterproofing system


The Armtec Pond & Dam waterproofing system from EcoSeal Coatings is a terrific waterproofing system to seal your concrete pond or dam and keep it watertight. It is completely eco-friendly and will not affect aqua life in any way.
Explore the waterproofing system


We provide the best-wet areas waterproofing service with the highest quality products, using industry and product knowledge to find the perfect answer to the problem at hand and achieve the best results possible with the highest levels of customer service.
Explore our wet-area waterproofing services


We apply various waterproofing systems to residential and commercial buildings, whether it be new construction or renovation. We waterproof above and below ground, sealing retaining walls and wet areas.
Explore our retaining wall waterproofing service


We are Pretoria’s one-stop-shop for all your tiling and waterproofing requirements. We can help with all types of tiling, including bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and outdoor areas.
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