Comprehensive Roofing Overhaul & Tile Roof Painting at Clearwater Flyfishing Estate, Pretoria

Amid the serene backdrop of Clearwater Flyfishing Estate in Pretoria, we embarked on an intricate project as our client envisioned a transformative renovation & tile roof painting for their home. The redesign introduced new flat concrete roof sections as well as additional tile roof areas, seamlessly melding the old with the new. Tasked with ensuring these fresh additions were weather-resistant and aesthetically cohesive with the existing structure, we adopted a systematic approach. Initiating the project, we primed the new concrete slabs, setting the stage for the application of the ArmTec Hyperflex Waterproofing System. The novel roof ridges were filled with fiber cement and fortified against the elements with our trusted StretchSeal waterproofing technique. Finally, to achieve visual unity across both old and new tile roof areas, we subjected the entire roof to a thorough high-pressure wash, before gracing it with two layers of the sleek Black Marley M11 roof paint, delivering a unified and revamped appeal.