Erasmuskloof Tile Roof Painting & Transformation: From Drab to Fab

In picturesque Erasmuskloof, Pretoria, a homeowner approached us with a singular leak issue but had a broader vision to do tile roof painting: elevating the aesthetic allure of his tile roof that had lost its vibrancy due to time and weather elements. Comprehending the task at hand, we first embarked on a thorough inspection and subsequent update of the existing waterproofing. With meticulous precision, we waterproofed around the chimneys and enhanced the waterproofing on the barge tiles. Our team was also quick to identify and replace any fractured tiles. A comprehensive high-pressure wash prepared the canvas for our masterpiece. We then embraced the rich hue of Brown Marley M11, applying not one but two coats, ensuring uniformity, depth, and lasting brilliance.