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Transform your Pretoria home or business premises with our high quality and competitively priced residential and commercial painting services. Whether you are moving into a brand new home and need a full paint or you want to renovate, your commercial building needs a facelift or you're a property manager looking for a reliable painter, EcoSeal Coatings can help. From wall preparation through to that final coat of paint, our reliable, friendly and experienced painters will make certain you are 100% happy with the end result.

EcoSeal Coatings Pretoria East-based team are committed to delivering high-quality results for every residential and commercial customer. Each homeowner or business owner we work with receives personalised service where every request is readily accommodated. To obtain a competitive house painting quote or quote for commercial painting, contact EcoSeal Coatings today.

Interior Painting

We understand how hard and stressful it is to have strangers in your home. EcoSeal Coatings has been providing interior house painting in South Africa. We understand the care and concern of doing your interior painting project right, using top quality materials, and superior preparation work.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is a complex process and it is much more than just a fresh coat of paint. Extensive preparation, premium paints and top quality materials are essential for a long-lasting exterior painting that will protect your home against damage from environmental elements such as moisture, hail, rain and ultra-violet rays.

Home and Residential Painting Services

EcoSeal Coatings Painting Service will help you find the right paint for your home, inside and out. We have a selection of residential options for interiors or exteriors. Whether you need a refreshing change for your bedroom, or to renew weather-beaten surfaces outside, EcoSeal Coatings Painting Service is the ones to look after your home.

Why use our residential painting service?

EcoSeal Coatings has mastered the area we work in, its needs, and its predictable volume of business in order to keep on enough painting professionals to get your job done in a timely manner.

Every customer is different, and therefore every job is a little different. However, we will always tailor it to your individual needs. Whether you need us to come a little early or late to work with your schedule or let your dog out while we are working, we are a painting company that truly does everything we can to make our customers happy.

Why EcoSeal Coatings

At EcoSeal Coatings, we offer a wide range of waterproofing, painting and coating services for both residential and commercial buildings. The services that EcoSeal Coatings provide are always well-run, clean, neat and beautiful. What really sets us apart is our commitment to our customers, employees and very high expectations in the quality of our work.

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Professional and reliable waterproofing and painting services at competitive rates.

Expert Painting Contractors - Painting Contractors in Pretoria

EcoSeal Coatings painting contractors provide a superior commitment to the property owner for quality, cost-effective and reliable maintenance and painting services.

Skilled staff utilises quality materials applied in strict accordance with unique specifications designed to specific client requirements, ensuring the consistent delivery of a product at the highest professional standard. This service extends to include commercial, industrial and residential projects, with no job too large.

Offering excellent products that enhance, preserve and add value to your property, our trustworthy painting contractors not only offers professional painting services but also peace of mind that your job will be completed within the allocated timeframe and budget.

All products and services carry a guarantee and painting contractors will offer advice and expertise to make sure that clients receive the very best service and recommendations, before and after the painting project is complete.

Our Recent House Panting Projects

Commercial Painting

Corporates and Managing Agents – Don’t hire a paint contractor at a local level! Find out how partnering with us at a national level – instead of on a local, project-by-project basis – will benefit you.

Times are tough and, let’s face it, maintaining or renovating properties – townhouse developments, commercial buildings or homes – can be expensive. But investing in painting and damp proofing your property makes sense if you’re serious about maintaining, or increasing, the value of your property investment.

Our focus is wholly on servicing you – the corporate organisation, Body Corporate, property manager, industrial or private property owner – in maintaining your asset.

Commercial Paint Equipment

Plascon 360 Preferred Applicator

We are very proud of our commercial painting division, CJK Paint Contractors for being appointed as a Plascon Preferred Applicator enabling us to offer our clients a 360° partnership pledge.

The Plascon 360 partnership pledge is a tailored service solution offering hue coating specifications application monitoring and maintenance service coordination for your property portfolio.

You get industry experts that partner with you at every stage of the project to ensure you get peace of mind and the best return on your investment all at no additional cost to you.

From start to finish every detail went exactly as explained. I've worked with a lot of commercial painters and the guys from EcoSeal Commercial Painting Division were one of the best and methodical as any I've dealt with. I can't recommend them enough!

- Jarrod M., Sunninghill, GP

Painting & Waterproofing Services

Residential Painting
Our painting contractors have earned a reputation in the residential sector for attention to detail and timeously completion of projects. They specialize in exterior and interior painting of free-standing homes, body corporates, private estates, and high rise apartments.

Commercial Painting
ECO Builts' painting partners are well accustomed to working in the commercial sector and undertake all work with the highest degree of professionalism. Staff is always neatly dressed, courteous and aware that their duty is to complete the job on schedule whilst causing as little disruption as possible to business.

Spalling & Concrete Repairs
EcoSeal coatings painting & waterproofing partners have knowledgeable staff that can help ascertain where underlying spalling issues and problems stem from. Once found all spalled concrete will be removed, affected steel will be treated and the surface re-plaster to achieve the same profile as the adjacent areas.

Water & Damp Proofing
Using only the highest quality damp-proofing products with a proven track record problem area will be treated and waterproofed. This waterproofing service extends to include the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

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At EcoSeal Coatings, our trained professional painters will transform your building into something you will be proud of. Book your free estimate now!

Painting and Waterproofing Services by EcoSeal Coatings

EcoSeal Coatings in Pretoria can assist you with all of the internal and external painting and waterproofing for your project with experienced applicators using high-quality products. Our professional team continuously improve our technology and education in the latest waterproofing and painting systems, and without compromising quality or performance means you are dealing with the trade-leading repairers in Pretoria for your waterproofing and painting needs.


EcoSeal roof painters specialise in the restoration of metal, tile and sheeted roofs. Our roof restoration service is NOT just a ‘quick fix’ paint job to make your roof look pretty. It is professional restoration work to restore a roof to its original condition.
Explore our roof coating services


EcoSeal Coatings specializes in all internal and external commercial painting applications. We work around your business trading hours to assure the works are completed in a comfortable manner and agreed time frame.
Explore our commercial painting services


Our property restoration service, performed by our team of professional house painters includes the painting of roofs (Tile, IBR, Corrogate, Concrete), gutters, fascias, bullnoses, walls, brickwork, plaster, window frames, doors, parking areas etc
Explore our house painting services


We offer our clients a first in South Africa with waterproofing direct to torch-on bitumen. Our polymer based waterproofing system will go straight over bituminous waterproofing systems such as torch on and rubberized Bitumen.
Explore the waterproofing system


The seamless eco-friendly concrete roof slab waterproofing system can be installed on new and existing roof slabs. The waterproofing system is a high-performance universal waterproofing system developed for long term protection.
Explore the waterproofing system


The Armtec UnderTile waterproofing system was designed to be used on balconies that needs to be tiled over or covered with artificial turf. The waterproofing system provides a seamless seal and exceptional adhesion for tiling.
Explore the waterproofing system


Maintain and renew your concrete tile roof with EcoSeal's roof tile waterproofing system. The roof tile waterproofing system was designed to fix and seal problem areas like roof ridge, valley, flashing & parapet walls.
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At EcoSeal Coatings we offer corrosion protection and coatings on metal roofs and sheeting. The waterproofing system converts the rust, isolating the base metal from the surrounding environment, waterproof it and prevents corrosion.
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The Armtec Pond & Dam waterproofing system from EcoSeal Coatings is a terrific waterproofing system to seal your concrete pond or dam and keep it watertight. It is completely eco-friendly and will not affect aqua life in any way.
Explore the waterproofing system


We provide the best-wet areas waterproofing service with the highest quality products, using industry and product knowledge to find the perfect answer to the problem at hand and achieve the best results possible with the highest levels of customer service.
Explore our wet-area waterproofing services


We apply various waterproofing systems to residential and commercial buildings, whether it be new construction or renovation. We waterproof above and below ground, sealing retaining walls and wet areas.
Explore our retaining wall waterproofing service


We are Pretoria’s one-stop-shop for all your tiling and waterproofing requirements. We can help with all types of tiling, including bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and outdoor areas.
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