Comprehensive Tile Roof Painting & Revival in Faerie Glen, Pretoria

Nestled in the serene environs of Faerie Glen, Pretoria, a homeowner confronted us with a gamut of roofing dilemmas, ranging from deteriorating ridges, flawed valleys, and previously shoddy repair work to a flat patio roof that was no stranger to persistent leaks. Not to mention, the kitchen’s concrete roof slab fell prey to outdated torchon waterproofing, causing leaks and dampness. Our multi-pronged approach started with the main tile roof painting. We meticulously cleared loose cement, fortified gaps with a fusion of fiber cement and Penetrar, and wielded the StretchSeal system to assure impeccable waterproofing. Damaged tiles were replaced, misaligned sections rectified, and the stage was set for the splendid finish of Marley M11 Slate roof paint. The kitchen’s concrete slab saw a complete overhaul, discarding the frail torchon layer and ensuring optimized water flow through the outlets. StretchSeal membrane fortified the weak spots, while the entire slab basked under the protective embrace of the ArmTec HyperFlex waterproofing system. The patio’s IBR roof, after a cleansing session and rust treatment, was waterproofed and graced with the signature Marley M11 Slate roof paint.