Modern Metal Roof Painting & Solar-Prep in Moreleta Park, Pretoria

In the tranquil Moreleta Park neighbourhood of Pretoria, we undertook a project that perfectly embodies the balance between restoration, metal roof painting and innovation. Our client approached us with a dual objective: to rejuvenate their weathered roof, and to prepare it for a forthcoming solar panel installation. We promptly addressed the pressing issues, which included leaks around the flashing sections of the metal sheet roofing and areas with polycarbonate sheeting. After a rigorous cleaning process using a high-pressure washer and manual scrubbing/sanding of the heavily rusted sections, we applied the Marley Water-Based Zinc Phosphate Primer. This not only treated the rust but also ensured longevity. The StretchSeal Waterproofing System was our choice to seal the flashing, screw lines, and joints, ensuring watertightness. The roof then received three layers of Marley M11 White paint, offering a pristine finish. To accentuate and modernize the home’s aesthetics, we painted the facias with two coats of the Marley M11 Slate roof paint, adding a contemporary touch to the residence.