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Painting & Waterproofing contractor in Pretoria & Johannesburg

We do waterproofing of all roof types and slabs. Our service also includes damp proofing, roof repairs, maintenance & painting.


EcoSeal Coatings of Pretoria East is pleased to provide the best commercial and house painting and waterproofing services to your specific neighbourhood in and around the greater Pretoria. We service the following areas:

  • Pretoria East
  • Pretoria Central
  • Centurion
  • Midrand
  • Johannesburg North
  • Hartbeespoort Dam
  • Bronkhorstspruit
  • Zwavelpoort

Roof Waterproofing & Repairs in Pretoria East

EcoSeal waterproofing specialists Pretoria East is an industry leader in waterproofing and roof repairs. Our teams are experts in waterproofing of all roof types, slab waterproofing, roof repairs, house painting, roof painting, roof maintenance, damp proofing, internal & shower waterproofing.

Achieving long-lasting waterproofing performance is a question of starting from a well-executed design, using quality products, and entrusting the job to contractors who can be relied upon.

EcoSeal’s waterproofing contractors in Pretoria East specialise in the application of new damp & waterproofing as well as maintenance on existing waterproofing and all eco rubber waterproofing.

Every water damage problem has its own unique approach and our waterproofing contractors will always first address the cause of the problem before applying any waterproofing remedy.

Professional Waterproofing and Painting

We offer a variety of waterproofing, painting, coating and home improvement services to homes and businesses in Pretoria East and the greater Pretoria area. See below for our full list of services offered to the areas.


We supply waterproofing solutions for roofs, decks, balconies, patios, showers, ponds, roof gardens and wherever you need protection against water.

Commercial Painting

We provide professional commercial painting services for wall and roof painting, repair and restoration service for both old and modern style business premises.

House Painting

Our exterior property restoration service includes the painting of roofs, gutters, fascias, walls, brickwork, plaster, window frames, doors, parking areas etc.

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The Most Trusted and Referred House Painters & Waterproofing in the Entire Pretoria East Area

EcoSeal Coatings Pretoria East is a full-service painting & waterproofing company that can help you transform your commercial building or residential property. We have a large team of capable professionals that can manage projects of all types and sizes. We work with homeowners, estate managers, business managers, and landlords who need fast, reliable painting services.

We have a knowledgeable team of waterproofing & painting professionals, with a proven track record in the recoating of commercial, residential and industrial properties.

Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us as we value building long-lasting relationships with our customers. So before we move on we make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied


EcoSeal Coatings Pretoria East offers a high-quality, long-lasting painting service for any kind of residential home. Our interior and exterior painting services cover the following:

Interior Painting: Our Step-by-Step Interior House Painting Process includes: Set-up, Preparation, Inspection, Painting, Clean-up & Final Inspection & Job Closing

Exterior Painting: Our Step-by-Step Exterior House Painting Process includes: Pressure Washing, Rotted Wood Repair, Preparation, Inspection, Painting, Clean-up & Final Inspection & Job Closing

Whether your home requires a full repaint, trim painting or something like that in between, we're able to accommodate a number of demands for interior painting.

Restorations can be intrusive and expensive, you need to take the strain out of painting and waterproofing - call us and our team of experienced painters and waterproofers will take care of the rest.


EcoSeal Coatings provides truly seamless waterproofing systems for your home and business. We have highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Our services are suitable in reducing water seepage or leakage and also equally effectual against positive or negative water pressure and osmotic pressure. Due to these reasons our services are highly popular among various residential arenas.

We have also been supplying our community with a wide range of Commercial Waterproofing Services. These waterproofing applications are intended to prevent the passage of water under any hydrostatic pressure through waterproofing and exterior building restoration processes.


EcoSeal Coatings Pretoria East supports commercial and industrial businesses.

We can make your property look great with minimal disruptions to your customers, tenants, or business operations.

Our teams are highly skilled commercial painting professionals utilising the latest painting & waterproofing technology.

We provide professional commercial painting services for the greater Pretoria area and surrounding regions.

We’ve had experience painting commercial properties of every size from factories to shopping centres and individual stores, restaurants and cafes, schools and kindergartens, offices and more.  


If you are looking for reliable commercial roof painting services in and around Pretoria East, contact us at EcoSeal Coatings.

We offer a professional roof painting, repair and restoration service for both old and modern style business premises.

We paint all types of roofs including metal roofs, Industrial buildings, concrete roofs and roof tiles


EcoSeal Group is the approved applicator for SealPro Coatings Pretoria East.

Why EcoSeal Coatings

At EcoSeal Coatings, we offer a wide range of waterproofing, painting and coating services for both residential and commercial buildings. The services that EcoSeal Coatings provide are always well-run, clean, neat and beautiful. What really sets us apart is our commitment to our customers, employees and very high expectations in the quality of our work.

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Our Professional Waterproofing & Painting Services

EcoSeal Coatings in Pretoria East can assist you with all of the internal and external painting and waterproofing for your project with experienced applicators using high-quality products. Our professional team continuously improve our technology and education in the latest waterproofing and painting systems, and without compromising quality or performance means you are dealing with the trade-leading repairers in Pretoria for your waterproofing and painting needs.


EcoSeal roof painters specialise in the restoration of metal, tile and sheeted roofs. Our roof restoration service is NOT just a ‘quick fix’ paint job to make your roof look pretty. It is professional restoration work to restore a roof to its original condition.
Explore our roof coating services


EcoSeal Coatings specializes in all internal and external commercial painting applications. We work around your business trading hours to assure the works are completed in a comfortable manner and agreed time frame.
Explore our commercial painting services


Our property restoration service, performed by our team of professional house painters includes the painting of roofs (Tile, IBR, Corrogate, Concrete), gutters, fascias, bullnoses, walls, brickwork, plaster, window frames, doors, parking areas etc
Explore our house painting services


We offer our clients a first in South Africa with waterproofing direct to torch-on bitumen. Our polymer based waterproofing system will go straight over bituminous waterproofing systems such as torch on and rubberized Bitumen.
Explore the waterproofing system


The seamless eco-friendly concrete roof slab waterproofing system can be installed on new and existing roof slabs. The waterproofing system is a high-performance universal waterproofing system developed for long term protection.
Explore the waterproofing system


The Armtec UnderTile waterproofing system was designed to be used on balconies that needs to be tiled over or covered with artificial turf. The waterproofing system provides a seamless seal and exceptional adhesion for tiling.
Explore the waterproofing system


Maintain and renew your concrete tile roof with EcoSeal's roof tile waterproofing system. The roof tile waterproofing system was designed to fix and seal problem areas like roof ridge, valley, flashing & parapet walls.
Explore the waterproofing system


At EcoSeal Coatings we offer corrosion protection and coatings on metal roofs and sheeting. The waterproofing system converts the rust, isolating the base metal from the surrounding environment, waterproof it and prevents corrosion.
Explore the waterproofing system


The Armtec Pond & Dam waterproofing system from EcoSeal Coatings is a terrific waterproofing system to seal your concrete pond or dam and keep it watertight. It is completely eco-friendly and will not affect aqua life in any way.
Explore the waterproofing system


We provide the best-wet areas waterproofing service with the highest quality products, using industry and product knowledge to find the perfect answer to the problem at hand and achieve the best results possible with the highest levels of customer service.
Explore our wet-area waterproofing services


We apply various waterproofing systems to residential and commercial buildings, whether it be new construction or renovation. We waterproof above and below ground, sealing retaining walls and wet areas.
Explore our retaining wall waterproofing service


We are Pretoria’s one-stop-shop for all your tiling and waterproofing requirements. We can help with all types of tiling, including bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and outdoor areas.
Explore our tiling services

It was a pleasure to work with EcoSeal Coatings. The team was professional, tidy, and courteous in every respect. The workmanship was topnotch. I would recommend them to any of my friends and family.

- Adrian F., Woodhill, GP


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