IBR Roof & Parapet Wall Waterproofing

Revive, repair & waterproof IBR Roof & Parapet Wall Waterproofing

Upon inspection, we found a large amount of surface rust on the IBR roof sheeting as well as the box gutters.

We started by treating the affected areas with a rust converter and sanding the rusted areas to prepare the surface for corrugated primer as the roof had never been treated before and this was the main reason why initial waterproofing was failing. Maintenance is very important and often gets overlooked!

After the entire roof area was sprayed with corrugated primer by means of airless spray system each joint and screw was waterproofed with 3 coats of eco liquid rubber and reinforced with fiber flex membrane to prolong waterproofing on joints and screws.

The parapet walls have never been treated with any waterproofing and were showing signs of severe water damage. All parapet cracks were filled in with eco crete and given 2 coats of eco latex cement base to ensure all moisture was pulled out of walls before applying 2 coats of liquid spray rubber. All flashings and parapets were reinforced with fibre flex membrane after this has been done entire roof area, as well as box gutters, was coated with 2 coats of liquid spray rubber by means of the airless spray system. This method allows the coating to be applied with no air bubbles forming under the rubber film.

This protective coating does not only waterproof but also prolongs the life span of the IBR / corrugated roof sheeting as well product is directly UV stable and maintenance is only every 5 years instead of the standard 3 years.