Erasmusrand Metal Roof Painting & Revitalisation: From Leakage to Luxe

In the heart of Erasmusrand, Pretoria, we undertook a significant metal roof painting transformation project for a residence with an aged Brounbuilt roofing system. The challenges were multi-fold: the skylights leaked, the solar panels’ installation points were compromised, and the roof sheeting’s coat succumbed to UV degradation. Our solution was comprehensive. We initiated by stripping away the outdated waterproofing, especially around the skylights, joints, and solar panel entry junctures. A rigorous cleaning followed with particular attention to rust-afflicted areas. Leveraging the resilience of the StretchSeal waterproofing system, we fortified the skylights, joints, and solar system’s entry spots. Post the rust remediation, we applied the Marley Water-Based Zinc Phosphate Primer to prime the roof. The finale was the application of two impeccable layers of Marley M11 Slate roof paint, restoring both the roof’s functionality and its aesthetic appeal.