Revitalization of Synexus Building’s Roof Slab

Pretoria’s Synexus building grappled with persistent water ingress challenges due to a flawed PVC waterproof membrane system on its roof slab. Despite previous attempts to rectify the issue, the problem persisted, prompting management to seek the expertise of EcoSeal. Our team embarked on a comprehensive assessment to identify the core issues, culminating in a customised and robust solution.

The first order of business was to discard the ineffective PVC waterproof membrane. The lightweight concrete slab underneath was meticulously treated with Penetrar to enhance its strength and cohesiveness. Key areas like corners, joints, and parapet walls received special attention with the StretchSeal membrane embedded for reinforced protection. This solid foundation was then encapsulated with the state-of-the-art, fibre mesh-enhanced ArmTec HyperFlex waterproofing system, ensuring an impregnable seal.

Thanks to EcoSeal’s methodical approach and cutting-edge solutions, the Synexus building in Pretoria now stands safeguarded against future water ingress, highlighting our dedication to precision and quality in waterproofing solutions.

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