Garden Cottage Roof Waterproofing

Waterproof garden cottage roof with NanoSeal from SealExtreme

With age come wear and tear and it stands true that maintaining your roof will save you a lot of money down the road. As with all our projects, we first do a proper roof inspection and leak detection before jumping.

We recently had a request to come and inspect a garden cottage roof that was starting to leak. On inspection, it was clear that due to age and inferior products use that it was time to revive and waterproof the complete roof.

We started off by removing old waterproofing methods. After this, the rusted sections were cleaned, treated and primed. Each joint and screw was waterproofed with 3 coats of NanoSeal and reinforced with fibre flex membrane to prolong waterproofing on joints and screws.

Once dry the entire roof was covered with NanoSeal waterproof coating finishing off the roof with a layer that is 5 Mpa strong but still flexible due to nano polymers in the coating. The roof rejuvenation & waterproofing was a great success saving our client a lot of money with no need to replace the roof. The project is also covered with a 10-year warranty.