Concrete roof slab waterproofing

Waterproofing a new roof concrete slab in Hamanskraal Pretoria

Our client in Hamanskraal Pretoria contacted us to do torchon waterproofing on his newly built house, concrete roof slabs. At EcoSeal we do not do torchon waterproofing as it is an outdated waterproofing method in our eyes.

We informed the client and introduced him to our synthetic nano polymer waterproofing system. The waterproofing system we use is flexible and UV resistant and gives a seamless seal. We started off by preparing the concrete slabs for waterproofing with a primer to seal and bine the substrate.

The primer used also allowed for better adhesion of the waterproofing on the roof concrete slabs. Once dry the synthetic nan-polymer was applied to the slab, giving it a feasible seamless seal that is UV resistant.

The waterproofing system installed gave great results and our client was very happy with the end result.


Project Video