Concrete Roof Slab Torchon Waterproofing

Torch-on waterproofing maintenance & replacement.

When the water starts dripping after light rain you know its time to call the waterproofing specialists. Like many properties in Pretoria, our client installed bitumen torchon waterproofing a few years ago but with the harsh climate of Pretoria the waterproofing started to crack and water found its way into the property.

On inspection we found that the torchon had separated, joints have come to lose and cracks have appeared around outlets and flat spots of the membrane. Our client had a lightweight eco slab under the waterproofing and luckily the separation of the membrane was less than 20%.

We suggested a waterproofing solution that allowed for the torchon waterproofing to stay in place but to be covered with a new age waterproofing system. The waterproofing product that we use is made from a synthetic nano polymer that gives you a seamless cover that is flexible, watertight and UV resistant.

Watch the product video to see what we did! View Project Video – Torchon waterproofing maintenance & replacement.

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