Brooklyn Shopping Centre Roof Waterproofing

Renew Shopping Centre Roof through waterproofing it with NanoSeal

When bitumen torch on starts to separate from the concrete slab it is applied to you have a serious potential damp problem. Our client that owns a Shopping Centre in Brooklyn contacted us because the water was starting to seep through cracks and joints of the bitumen torch-on membrane.

Water was also damming up in the middle of the slab because of levels that were not checked before waterproofing was done the first time around.

The only solution was to completely remove the outdated bitumen torch on, re-screed, fix cracks and waterproof the entire roof again.

Our waterproofing team started by removing the old bitumen torch-on membrane from the concrete roof. Problem arias were identified and repaired with fibre cement. Cracks were filled with fibre cement and GapSeal mixture for added strength. The corners were bevelled to keep water away from the walls. Low ling spots were screeded to allow free water flow. Once done all the problem arias were reinforced with our special membrane.

The complete roof was then covered with one layer of GapSeal and two-layer of NanoSeal. GapSeal primer was used to bind and prepare the slab surface for waterproofing. NanoSeal was used to waterproof the roof giving it a seamless cover. NanoSeal is a water-based nano polymer with high tensile & adhesive strength. NanoSeal is UV and weather resistant.

Our client was very happy with the end result and the waterproofing project on his commercial property was a great success.