Roof Replacement & Waterproofing

Complete roof replacement with waterproofing parapet walls and chimney. New IBR roof installed with flashings and box gutters finished of with NanoSeal waterproofing to seal all flashing joints, parapet walls and chimney.

It is not nice to see good people been taken advantage off by substandard contractors who promise the world but can’t deliver a basic working solution. This was exactly the case for one of our customers that contacted us after his new patio roof started to leak after the first rains of the season.

On arrival at the site, we were presented with a patio roof that was extended but the old roof and new roof angels did not match up. Screws were starting to come out, no flashings were installed and in some parts, the builders built over the roof leaving rainwater nowhere to go. The roof around the chimney was also badly installed with no outlet for the water.

The only lasting longterm solution was to take the complete roof off and install a new roof. Once the old roof was removed isotherm roof insulation was inserted above the ceiling. New purlins were also installed at correct angels. Once this was done the new roof sheeting was laid and finished off with flashings against parapet wall. a Box gutter system was also installed around the chimney and finished off with counter flashings.

Once the roof installation was finished flashings, parapet walls and the chimney was primed with GapSeal and waterproofed with NanoSeal from Seal Extreme to create a watertight solution for our client for years to come.

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