Industrial Roof Waterproofing & Roofing Revitalization, Centurion

In Centurion, a concerned landlord approached EcoSeal after receiving complaints from an engineering tenant about persistent leaks in the roof sheeting and box gutters of a light industrial property. Our team swiftly responded, beginning with a comprehensive evaluation of the facility.

After cleaning and preparing the roof for the revitalization process, the expertise of our specialists shone through as they meticulously sealed flashings, overlaps, joints, and screw lines. We employed our proven StretchSeal waterproofing system, ensuring a seamless finish that promised both durability and protection.

The box gutters weren’t neglected either. With careful attention, rusted and worn sections were remedied, and subsequently, waterproofed with the same StretchSeal system. The project underscores EcoSeal’s dedication to restoring industrial assets, ensuring that they remain both operational and safe from the elements.

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