Factory Roof Painting & Renewing for 4Mix Pretoria

EcoSeal also did a transformative project at the 4 Mix facility located at 211 Vivian Road, Willow Park Manor, Pretoria, showcasing our versatility and commitment to excellence.

Roof Painting: Commencing with a rigorous cleaning process, we ensured that the roof was free from any debris and potential contaminants. Rust was addressed with a specialised inhibitor, prepping the surface for the subsequent stages. Box gutters, joints, and flashings were meticulously waterproofed, safeguarding against potential leaks. A high-quality primer was then applied to the roof, setting the stage for the final coats. The 3600sqm roof was then given two full coats of high-quality roof paint, ensuring protection and a renewed aesthetic appeal.

Cladding Painting: Recognising the need to refresh & update the appearance of the metal sheet cladding, our team initiated a cleaning procedure to remove any grime or rust. Rust-prone areas were treated with an inhibitor, ensuring longevity. A full coat of premium primer was then applied to the cladding, prepping it for the final touch. Two full coats of high-quality roof paint were applied, rejuvenating the factory’s exterior and granting it a fresh, polished look, making their singe pop!

Wall Sections, Carports, and Entrance Gate: To ensure a cohesive transformation, we didn’t stop at the roof and cladding. Wall sections, carports, and the entrance gate were also treated with the same meticulous attention. Each was cleaned and painted to echo the rejuvenated look of the factory, creating a harmonious, updated aesthetic across the entire property.

The project at 4 Mix stands as a testament to EcoSeal’s dedication to detail, quality, and transformative solutions, effectively breathing new life into the entire facility.

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