Box Gutter & Parapet Wall Waterproofing

Box gutters and roofs ending with a parapet wall are always prone to give you water problems.

It is very important to follow the correct method when waterproofing box gutters and parapet walls.

Our approach with a waterproofing project on a smallholding just outside Pretoria was as follow:

  1. Remove all previous waterproofing attempts,
  2. Clean the affected arias, cut away excess sheeting and start again.
  3. Once the box gutter was accessible and clean, openings were filled with fibre cement and primed with GapSeal.
  4. The end of the sheeting on the box gutter side was covered with fibre flex membrane to prolong waterproofing on joints and openings.
  5. Once dried the box gutter section, the first part of the sheeting and parapet walls was covered with NanoSeal waterproofing compound.