Roof Ridge & Chimney Waterproofing

Concrete roof tile ridge, valley & chimney repair & waterproofing with NanoSeal

When erecting a new roof you take it for granted that the roofing contractor knows what he is doing and that you would have a watertight roof for years to come.

It is only after a few years you notice cement pieces on the paving and water drips after a heavy storm. As with most roofs, it is not necessary to waterproof the entire roof.

If the problem arias like the ridges, vales and chimney surroundings are taken care of at an early stage secondary damage could be avoided. A prime example of this is a house we waterproofed in Irene Farm Village. The cement in the roof ridges was cracked and in some places, it came loose and even fell out. Water was also coming in around the chimney.

We remedied the problem by cleaning and refilling the ridges with cement and covering it with GapSeal primer and fibre flex membrane. The same approach was followed at the chimney and when everything was dry the roof ridges were waterproofed with NanoSeal waterproofing that was colour matched to the roof to blend in seamlessly.