Factory IBR Roof Waterproofing

Repairing & waterproofing IBR roof sheeting can be a tricky task but done right it could almost double the lifespan of a roof.

Here are the remedies followed to give an IBR roof in Kya Sands a new life. Before treatment and waterproofing could be applied rust had to be removed on the IBR sheeting.

The IBR roof was treated with Pekay Rustconverter and sanded down. Pekay corrugated primer was applied to ensure a solid grip for the waterproofing material to follow. All lose sheeting and damage sections was fixed. To ensure a watertight seal, 3 x layers of the Pekay Acrylic membrane system was used. The roof also had sections of fibreglass panels that had to be fixed and sealed. Polyurethane joint sealant was used on all fibreglass panels.

The factory roof also had sheeting tying in with roof slabs that had to be a seal. Roof slabs were previously sealed with ineffective Torch-On and everything had to be removed before any remedies could be applied. After the old Torch-On was removed all the flat areas were primed with Bitumonuis primer. Once the primer dried 4mm Jayco Copirnit Torch-On was applied. The Torch-On areas were covered with two coats of aluminium silver to help protect against the sun.

Here are the steps followed repairing and waterproofing the IBR roof:

  1. Remove old & previous waterproofing measures;
  2. Treat rusted IBR sheeting with Pekay Rustconverter;
  3. Sand down all affected & rusted arias;
  4. Apply Pekay corrugated primer to prepare services for waterproofing and painting;
  5. Fix loose sheeting and damage sections;
  6. Applied 3 x layers of the Pekay Acrylic membrane system to sheeting;
  7. Seal all fibreglass panel with Polyurethane joint sealant;
  8. Prime roof slabs with Bitumonuis primer;
  9. Waterproof roof slabs with 4mm Jayco Copirnit Torch On;
  10. Protect Torch On by painting it with two coats of aluminium silver.