Concrete Roof Slab Waterproofing

Waterproofing new concrete roof slab with NanoSeal – Flexible nano polymer waterproof coating.

Our client staying in an upmarket estate in Erasmus kloof Pretoria recently extended his living space with a new addition to his house.

EcoSeal got involved at the waterproofing stage of the project and was tasked to waterproof the new concrete roof slab of the structure.

Originally our client requested a torchon waterproofing solution but after see what our in house brand SealExtreme offered he decided to go for the NanoSeal waterproofing product. NanoSeal is a water base sealant with a tensile strength of over 5MPa. Nano polymers make the coating flexible and allow it to move with the structure.

We started off by cleaning the concrete slab and applied GapSeal primer from SealExtreme to prepare the slab for the NanoSeal waterproofing.

Once the GapSeal was absorbed by the slab and dry, NanoSeal was applied. The edges and corners of the parapet wall were also lined with membrane for added stability and strength.

The complete concrete roof slab was covered with NanoSeal to seal it, making it completely waterproof. Our client was very happy with the result!